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  • Screaming Goat Radio Reel4:42

Screaming Goat Radio (SGR) is a new breed of radio show.

If you're listening to SGR to hear two country boys talking about animal voice've come to the wrong place. SGR is a personality driven show that takes a bronze medal-winning high dive into the [cess]pool of news headlines, celebrity stories and social media trends.

Executing with scattered precision, your hosts, Kevin and Chris have quit their jobs to scour the depths of humanity (but mainly just troll the internet) to find the most interesting, mundane, and topical stories to bring to you each week. The guys also welcome friends, guests, strangers, lovers, and strange lovers into the studio to tell their stories and share their insights. 

Studies have shown that it's scientifically impossible for there to be a dull moment on SGR (no actual studies have been conducted). But to be fair, psychological damage is the hardest thing to measure, so listen at your own risk.

  • Howard Stern Intro0:08
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